Oppenheimer Companies

Oppenheimer Companies, Inc. (OCI) is a privately held corporation operating throughout the United States and headquartered in Boise, Idaho.

The majority of OCI companies are involved nationally in food processing and the sales and marketing of food products. Two affiliated companies are involved with commercial real estate.

Quality products and custom services, responsiveness to the market, innovation and superior customer service are the hallmarks of OCI, whether it is in discovering a new market niche for a food product, training salespeople for a distributor member or developing and managing a successful property. A key to OCI’s corporate philosophy is developing and maintaining an environment that fosters personal growth for its associates and its customers. This is achieved through continuous improvement initiatives and maximizing opportunities for individual and organizational learning and development.

OCI operates through a strong nationwide customer base, a broad distribution network and an unusually wide range of management and operating expertise. Together, these elements form a solid foundation on which OCI continues to build a major national food company with selected investments in commercial real estate.

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Wells Fargo Center building at sunset, downtown Boise, ID.
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