Sepia Toned Globe

OCI Vision

We are recognized within our industries as First Choice Business Partner for providing the highest value to our customers with the best quality of products and services.

We attain the distinction as the Preferred Employer for creating opportunities for personal growth, responsibility and reward.


OCI Mission

Grow a national food marketing and distribution business with selected value-added food processing capability and/or co-venture opportunities to continuously improve sales and profitability results for our customers and our company. This will be achieved through continued development of our national customer base with branded and private label products and/or proprietary value-added services.

Create signature commercial real estate projects for investment opportunities, providing the highest quality product and management service for our real estate customers. We will provide diversification of our investment portfolio thereby achieving a broader and stronger financial base.

Create, acquire and manage companies that complement existing divisions.

Provide leadership and services which enable our divisions to achieve market dominance.

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